About Our Practice

Caring for your children since 1970


Jefferson City


Our Story

Dr. Mary Bukovitz had a vision to care for the infants, children and adolescents in the Lakeway area and began Hamblen Pediatric Associates in 1970. Since that time, Hamblen Pediatric has grown and provides pediatric medical care to Hamblen County and the surrounding communities. In 1999, Hamblen Pediatric opened an office in Jefferson City and in 2014 Hometown Pediatric opened to care for the pediatric population in Sevierville and the surrounding community. All of our offices are designed with the patient/family in mind. Separate well and sick entrances, check in and reception areas are available for our patients. We welcome those that are expecting along with potential new patients to call and schedule a time to meet one of our providers. They will be happy to discuss the philosophy of Hamblen Pediatric/Hometown Pediatric and to give you a tour of our office.
In 2018, HPA became a member of Summit Medical Group. Summit Medical Group provides quality healthcare services at more than 60 practice locations with over 300 providers.

Our Mission

At Hamblen Pediatric Associates, our Physicians, Pediatric Nurse Practitioners’ and Physician Assistants’ and entire staff are committed to providing the highest quality healthcare for your child. HPA has 3 locations to care for you. We have extended our hours of operation in the Morristown and Sevierville office to provide better access of care to our patients. HPA is open on Saturdays in both Morristown and Sevierville. HPA has been recognized as a Patient Centered Medical Home. Making ourselves accessible later in the day, with continuity of the same person seeing your child for his/her medical care is part of the medical home model. HPA wants to help manage and facilitate all aspects of your pediatric care. HPA wants to be your partner in the medical care of your child.If you take your child to be seen elsewhere please be sure to ask them to send us a copy of the office note so that we may provide any recommended care. Also, it is extremely important that your child’s medical record is kept up to date with any medications, herbs or oils that your child takes.Our CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) licensed lab provides us moderate complexity testing abilities so that we may do in-house and kit testing on-site.  This gives us the ability to tell you immediately if your child has an illness such as flu, mono, cholesterol or strep.  Our labs at HPA are certified by COLA. COLA comes in and surveys the labs at each location to be sure they are maintaining high standards for the delivery of patient care.
From time to time, patient surveys are sent randomly to our patients/families. It is extremely important that you give us honest feedback in order for us to continually improve and help meet the needs of the community.
Your feedback is extremely important in helping HPA continue to grow and continuously improve. Please do not hesitate to contact HPA or the Practice Manager with any compliments, concerns or suggestions.

Our Code of Commitment

HPA (Hamblen Pediatric Associates and Hometown Pediatric)
• We are all patients ourselves. We treat our patients as we would want to be treated – with dignity and care.
• Our patients don’t interrupt us; they are the reason we exist in the first place.
• Our patients are not just “add-ons’, they are the most important people in our day.
• Our patients are not an interruption when they call or visit; they are doing us a favor.
• Our patients are not medical record numbers; they are human beings who deserve respect, courtesy and professionalism.
• Our patients are not dependent on us; we are dependent on them.
• Our patients are not people we “arrive” and “check-in” at the practice, we warmly greet them.
• Our patients have a choice; we recognize and appreciate that they chose us.
• Our patients aren’t just more work to do; they honor us by allowing us to provide care to them

NCQA PCMH Recognition Program

The NCQA PCMH Recognition program is the most widely adopted PCMH evaluation program in the country. More than 13,000 practices (with more than 67,000 clinicians) are Recognized by NCQA.
For practices to receive this Recognition, they must meet standards in six areas:
• Team Based Care and Practice Organization: Practices are evaluated on leadership structure, care team responsibilities, how they engage with patients, families and caregivers.
• Care Management and Support: Practice clinicians use care management protocols to help them identify patients who need closely managed care.
• Know and Manage Patients: Practices must meet standards for data collection, medication reconciliation and evidence-based clinical decision support.
• Care Coordination and Care Transitions: Practices ensure that primary and specialty care clinicians share information and manage patient referrals.
• Patient-Centered Access and Continuity: Practices provide patients with convenient access to clinical advice and continuity of care.
• Performance Measurement and Quality Improvement: Practices have processes for measuring their performance and for quality improvement activities.